Crochet to the Rescue!

I visited a friend’s house and saw a glass jar in her kitchen.  I fell in love with it and I was on a mission to find this jar.  Finally, I found it at Target.  I was so happy to finally find this jar.  I immediately put jasmine rice in it.  It was an immediate accent piece in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, the lid for the jar broke a couple weeks ago.  I went to target and couldn’t find this jar.  I went to Homegoods, Marshalls and T. J. Maxx but I couldn’t find a jar similar to the one I have.  I didn’t want to throw away the jar just because the lid was broken.  So, I decided to crochet a lid.  I just love it.  I didn’t have a crochet pattern.  I made it up as I went along. The yarn I used is from the Lion Brand Yarn company-Cotton Bamboo.  It’s machine washable and the lid fits like a glove. Below is a free pattern to crochet lid for a jar.  Even if your lid is not broken, it’s a quick project to add a touch of color to your kitchen.

Crochet a Lid Pattern

Rnd 1: Chain 4, join with slip stitch and add 8 sc crochet in the round…

Rnd 2: Sc across

Rnd 3: Sc, and 2sc across

Repeat rows 2-3 until the pice measure the width of the lid.

Decrease Rows

Rnd 1: 5 sc , sc2tog across

Rnd 2: Sc across

Repeat rows 1-2 until the lid fits the jar…

crochet lid

crochet lid


Crochet a Dishcloth Pattern

crochet dishcloth

Well, I just love dishcloths.  It is a necessity in the kitchen.  Although it is a necessity, you can add a little color to your kitchen crocheting your own dishcloth.  The key is to use 100% cotton yarn, or a cotton blend.  I decided to use Lion Brand Yarn’s  Cotton Bamboo which is a cotton blend.  The reason I chose this yarn is the variety of spring colors that are available: magnolia, persimmon, hibiscus, hyacinth and gardenia; to name a few.  Below is an easy dishcloth pattern.

Chain 27

Row 1: Skip the 1st chain and sc across.

Rows 2-3: Sc across

Row 4: Sc BL

Rows 5-33:  Repeat rows 1-4

Row 34: Sc across

Weave ends

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How to Crochet a Monogrammed Gift

I truly enjoy crocheting a monogrammed gift.  Adding an initial on a crocheted gift gives it a special look.  It is unique.  As the weather is changing, so does my crocheting and knitting. I crochet/knit small projects with lightweight yarn.  I decided to crochet dishcloth using Lion Brand Yarn Cotton Bamboo.  It is a  set of three dishcloth with one monogrammed dishcloth.


1- Select an alphabet chart pattern.

Here’s an example of an alphabet chart pattern.

alphabet chart

2- ChemKnits has tons of alphabet chart patterns.

3- Count how many stitches it would take, to crochet the letter (for example 6X20 (six stitches and 20 rows).

This is very important depending on what you are crocheting.  You can visualize how small/big the letter will look in your project. 

4-Decide where you want to start the initial.

5-The key to monogramming a crochet stitch is to use the puff stitch.  Crochet a puff stitch every time you see a black square on the chart.

Please share any project you have created.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to monogramming!

How to Crochet a Beanie?


There’s something unique in regards to a knitted beanie vs. a crochet beanie.  A knitted beanie has a textured look.  A crochet beanie usually has tiny holes.  I figured a way to crochet a beanie and get a similar look to a knitted beanie without the tiny holes, using the single crochet stitch.  The secret is a smaller needle.  You start out with the required needle, and then you proceed to a smaller needle one size smaller.  You might have to use a needle two sizes smaller based on the yarn.  I enjoyed crocheting this fitted beanie.  I also added a ribbed texture.  The yarn is Lion Brand’s Baby Alpaca.  It’s soft and also warm.  This yarn is part of their luxury line.  Crochet Ribbed Beanie pattern.  

Crochet Mittens Pattern

Knitchetlene’s new crochet mittens! I just love using the Woolspun yarn Lion Brand.  You can crochet these mittens in a variety of colors using this yarn.  Definitely a fashion statement!  Also added is the pom-pom. It gives it a unique look but you can also use them to tie the mittens together.  It’s a quick project that takes less than 2 hours to make. The mittens crochet pattern is available to download.

Reversible Crochet Scarf Pattern

I fell in love with this yarn.  It is Organic Wool from the Lion Brand Yarn company.  I designed this pattern to make the scarf extra warm.  This reversible pattern is perfect when it comes to adding an accessory to your coat.  You can also wear it as an infinity scarf.  Start this quick reversible crochet scarf pattern today.  You can crochet it for yourself and for a friend.  Also, a perfect holiday gift.

reversible crochetpattern

Fingerless Crochet Gloves Pattern

I just just love this crochet pattern.  I wanted a glove that keeps me warm and also able to have my fingers free.  These gloves are the softest gloves ever!  It’s really because of the yarn.  I have been designing with this yarn for a while now and I just love it.  The Woolspun yarn by  Lion Brand Yarn.  It is a quick crochet pattern.  If you want to crochet a unique gift, you have a variety of colors to choose from.  The pattern is now available: Fingerless Crochet Pattern.