Cable Knitting Needle

When on a knitting pattern that required cables, I am excited.  The cable looks gives a scarf, hat, and blanket a unique look. The basic cable: C4B or C4F requires an extra tool, a cable needle.  I have used a variety of cable needles but enjoy using Lion Brand’s cable needle.  It’s smooth and makes the experience a little easier.  I am able to move from half of the cable to the other half with ease.  The transferring process is quick.  The stitches slide right off. If I happen to leave this needle at home while working on a cable pattern, I am at a lost. What is your favorite cable needle?  Please add your comment…


Knit a Scarf

knit a scarfIf you are like me you might wait till November to start knitting Christmas gifts but from my experience it might be too late.  I decided to start knitting Christmas gifts early this year, in July.  I wanted a simple but unique cable pattern.  I fell in love with the Hatfield scarf pattern by Laura Sanchez from  Revelry.  I am using Frog Tree’s Pediboo sock yarn.  The yarn is a mixture of wool and bamboo.  It has a stretch to it.  I am also planning on crocheting a beret with this yarn because of its elasticity.  Are you currently working on Christmas projects?  Please share…

Knit Dog Pattern

The king of my family is my 6-month-old nephew, Jonathan.  You see we are a family of girls/women.  He is the first boy in the family.  Let me tell you a little bit about Jonathan.  He has a smile that can light up a room.  After holding him for less than 5 minutes your worries are gone.  He is such a happy baby! I wanted to knit him something special and found a dog pattern from the Lion Brand Yarn Company-Poochie Pup Sock Critter.  You need to create a free account to have access to this pattern.  I added my special touch by adding a bow tie, and adding his initial.  The Alphabet Chart is from Little Cotton Rabbits.  The yarn is Cotton Ease, also from the Lion Brand Company.  I truly enjoy knitting this dog pattern.

knit dog patternknit dog pattern 1


Knit Toy Pattern

I was inspired to make a knitted toy for my nephew Jonathan.  I wanted to make something that is soft, machine washable and has a unique look.  I decided to knit a monogramed toy.  Please feel fee to try this pattern, and share knitted toy(s) that you have created.

  1. Using Lion Brand Yarn’s extra soft wool blend, Cast on 30 stitches. I prefer using the magic loop method but feel free to use DPNs.
  2. Knit 3o rows.
  3. If you want to add a monogram look, start knitting the letter after the 3rd row.  Knit the last three rows after forming the letter.  The letter takes 14 rows.  Please visit the Yarn Tree to get the alphabet chart.  I used a different color to knit the letter using the chart found on page 9-11.
  4. Cut working yarn about 20″.
  5. Using the blunt eye needle pull yarn through all of the stitches and pull tightly.  Pull yarn to the other end of the ball.IMG_1246
  6. Fill the ball with fiberfill.  I prefer the Ultra Plush Polyfil because it’s very soft and machine washable.polyfil
  7. Using the blunt eye needle pull yarn through all of the stitches and pull tightly.knitted toy
  8. Weave ends.knittoy2

DPNs Double Pointed Needles

I just love DPNs (Double pointed needles).  They make the impossible, possible.  I knitted a pencil grip that was just too cute.  I enjoy drinking tea, especially from Teavana and the Chai Latte from Starbucks.  The Woolspun yarn from the Lion Brand Company  does a great job at keeping my tea warm a little longer.   Take a look at knitchetlene’s new knit cup cozy.

knit cup cozy

Knitting Seed Stitch-Cowl Pattern

When it comes to knitting we all have seen the curled up edge.  To solve this problem knit the seed stitch (the last two stitches of each edge).  Not only does it help solve the curling edge problem, it is also a beautiful stitch.  All you need to do is to alternate K1, P1.  Purl when you see a knit stitch and knit when you see a purl stitch.  I especially like the stitch when I am working on a knitted cowl.  Check out the seed stitch cowl pattern using Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.  #knittingseedstitch #seedstitchknit #seedstitchscarf.

Fingerless Knit Gloves Pattern

fingerless knitted gloves

I have enjoyed knitting these fingerless gloves.  It’s a quick knit project.  The Red Heart Soft yarn is a nice yarn to knit with.  The pattern leaves room to knit fitted gloves.  With this type of yarn it’s best to knit the yarn to fit.  I also enjoy wearing fingerless gloves myself especially when I am driving.  As the weather starts to change add these gloves to your to your Fall collection.
Fingerless Gloves-Knitted Pattern