How to Crochet a Monogrammed Gift

I truly enjoy crocheting a monogrammed gift.  Adding an initial on a crocheted gift gives it a special look.  It is unique.  As the weather is changing, so does my crocheting and knitting. I crochet/knit small projects with lightweight yarn.  I decided to crochet dishcloth using Lion Brand Yarn Cotton Bamboo.  It is a  set of three dishcloth with one monogrammed dishcloth.


1- Select an alphabet chart pattern.

Here’s an example of an alphabet chart pattern.

alphabet chart

2- ChemKnits has tons of alphabet chart patterns.

3- Count how many stitches it would take, to crochet the letter (for example 6X20 (six stitches and 20 rows).

This is very important depending on what you are crocheting.  You can visualize how small/big the letter will look in your project. 

4-Decide where you want to start the initial.

5-The key to monogramming a crochet stitch is to use the puff stitch.  Crochet a puff stitch every time you see a black square on the chart.

Please share any project you have created.  The possibilities are endless when it comes to monogramming!